My Mother's Lipstick

The earliest memory I have about loving makeup revolved around lipstick, my mother’s lipstick to be exact. I had to be around 4 or 5  years old when I use to watch her get ready to head out. I studied her and most of all I admired her. Her beauty and fashion mesmerized me. The finishing touch was always a spray of her favorite perfume and a swipe of lipstick. The most vivid memory  I have was this red lipstick she used. I loved how it made her lips so full and pretty and how she smiled and gleamed every time she put it on. I used to even run-up to her right before she left our apartment and begged her for a kiss on the lips. Eventually, she caught on. She knew that all I wanted was even a  smidge of color to transfer to my lips. She lovingly teased me but always appeased me. For just a moment I was just like my mommy, in the red lipstick that made her shine. 

Use code 'MOTHERSDAY' and get 20% off my favorite red, Re-delicious. I hope you shine with confidence every time you put it on. This is what my mother gave to me. Happy Mother’s Day!





I love this post! Typically I do not have time to read blogs but this was short & sweet. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with us :)


This story is so beautiful. I believe Mother’s are God’s gift in showing us what strength and empowerment is. As I was reading your story, I could imagine you running to your mom to get some Red lipstick. And from that beautiful memory you created a bold and beautiful Red lipstick color. A color I am about to purchase. Thank you for sharing this beautiful memory of you and your mom.

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