Brand Ambassadors Program FAQs


What do I have to provide to be considered? 

All applicants must provide their page analytics, in addition to analytics from their previous posts you have made on behalf of, or in collaboration with other brands. Please ensure that all information you provide is genuine. This will be a determining factor on whether or not you will be selected. Also, don’t worry if you have a small following! Some of the smallest communities have the biggest impact!

Note that we will also check the following:

  • Existing IG page
  • Online content and engagement 
  • Location (currently we do not ship outside of the US but we are working on it!)

Are there requirements I have to abide by?

Yes, please carefully read our terms and conditions.

Understand that this is a performance-based program and Notebook Cosmetics, L.L.C. has the right to terminate your contract at any time. Understand that you expected to deliver a return on the investment of products received to maintain as a contractor in this program and to receive commissions and advancements.  By registration, all parties agree to the stipulations in the document and will follow accordingly. READ TERMS IN ITS ENTIRELY BEFORE SIGNING UP:

What are the benefits of joining?

  • 10% commission of every sale you make 
  • 15% discount to your loyal followers for supporting you
    • *It is a give and take! We would like you to promote our products so you will get 10% commission! Your audience deserves little something too! You will receive a promo code to give your followers 15% off their entire purchase! Every user will count towards your commission! This is feeding the community!*
  •  Opportunity to rep Notebook Cosmetics and promote your platform at nationwide events 
  • Features on social media and website pages
  • Promotion of your content featuring Notebook Cosmetics to followers and/or subscribers
  • Free full and sample-size products from our cosmetic line (minus shipping)
  • Instagram Story/Live Takeovers
  • Opportunity to attend beauty vending events and conferences w/Notebook Cosmetics team 

How do I get my free product after I am accepted?

Once accepted into the program you will receive a welcome package. This will include 1-3 full-sized or sample-sized products of our choice. Please note that we will consider your favorite chubby you indicated on the application. Product selections will be based on current promotions, season, or new product launches. 

 Afterwards, you will be granted 1-2 products every season/product launch of your choice. This is only valid if  initial investment (welcome package), has been returned within 3 months

Are there bonus opportunities?

In addition to the program perks, as the brand grows there will be opportunities for bonuses and increased commissions! See options below:

Tier 2

Regardless of initial investment, if 3 or more purchases use your coupon you will receive free shipping for the remainder of that season. 

Tier 3

Grants you free shipping and commission increase to 15%


There are always opportunities to earn more!


Within 30 days :

5 sales will be granted an additional $5 bonus 

10 sales will be granted an additional $10 bonus 

20 sales will be granted an additional $20 bonus 

30 sales will be granted an additional $30 bonus 

Guidelines and Expectations?

  • Only tag Notebook Cosmetics in a featured post 
  • Post on page and story  at least once a week
  • Please include at least one video, how-to, tip, or lifestyle image 
  • Engage in our VIP Facebook group
  •  If applicable, include products in other media such as blog, youtube, etc
  • When applicable incorporate brand colors

Best Practices?

  • Keep tutorials and “How To” tips short. Attention spans are short. Unless you know your audience prefers longer videos, try to keep content at one minute.
  • Only post high-quality photos 
  • Include relatable product & lifestyle shots. We have a network of boss women in our community. Show how you are a boss in your life!
  • When applicable, incorporate brand colors ( backdrop, props etc). The brand colors are black white and yellow. The color code for our signature yellow is #e5df27. 
  • Post at least two IG stories and page post a week
  • Stay aware! Promote sales and email sign-ups
  • Start discussions and post selfies in FB VIP group
  • Post content on other platforms such as Youtube
  • Drive traffic to website 
  • Tag @notebookcosmetics in all featured posts

Other ways to contribute and get a free chubby?

Are you a writer, MUA, or stylist?

Notebook Cosmetics is looking for contributors to our blog. We would like our notebook community to receive insightful information that allows them to Learn Practice and Create! If you would like to be featured on our site or social channels to receive a free chubby-- email with your article submission, tutorial, or stylist tips with SUBMISSION the subject line. Within 1-2 weeks we will review your submission and If approved, we will provide a link for you to get your free chubby! All you have to do is pay for shipping and you're all set! If you do not get approved, don’t worry! We will give you steps and guides to resubmit and a little something off of your next order. Please provide at least two submissions to be considered.

What is the payout process?

Notebook Cosmetics, L.L.C. will make cashouts after a minimum of $30 on the 3rd of each month via Paypal. Earnings below the $30 threshold will roll over to the next payment cycle.

Are there other ways I can contribute?

Yes! Are you a writer? Submit an article or a “how to blog post” to be featured on the page and receive a free product. 

Return Policy

No returns with coupons or discounted items. Please visit  for full policy.