This digital Beauty Lookbook was designed to assist the busy Boss Babes who struggle to come up with inspiration. Every week we will roll out a new look/MOOD, new tips and tricks, advice and more!


Everyday Lipstick Tutorial | Full Face! 

Designed for the Powerhouse Bose Babe. Our multifaceted Lipstick Chubby Pencils are 3-in-1, crafted with an all-natural formula that gives a beautiful, pigmented application on your lip, eye, and cheeks with a creamy satin matte finish. Use chubby to line, define, and shape your lips, brighten your eyes, and add color to your cheeks!

Available in bold, beautiful fall shades!

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Weekly Inspo.

Unbothered | An elegant slay accompanied by a dash of zero fu@#s.

About the Look
To accentuate any bold lip, we love a neutral look with the addition of subtle accents such as contour to create depth and dimension. You can see this on her cheekbones, outer sections of her face, nose, and eyelids. Subtle, but powerful!  

Your fascination with the universe and how to explore it as we so often do in the field of astronomy can be highly academic and dry as maybe it was if you took a course in astronomy. But when you get out there in the field at night, your equipment is just right and the night sky comes alive with activity, there is no other experience like it for majesty and pure excitement. And that is the kind of experience we want our children to come to love as much as we do.

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Style It!

Many would say to stay away form colors that are too similar, but since the lips are the focus we felt comfortable playing with color. Using tones of purple along with contrasting colors still allows the lip to pop without becoming overwhelming. Out inspiration was “power suit” of the modern Boos Babe. We love this Plaid Blazer Dress from Destined Boutique

There is something about parenthood that gives us a sense of history and a deeply rooted desire to send on into the next generation the great things we have discovered about life. And part of that is the desire to instill in our children the love of science, of learning and particularly the love of nature. 


Quick & Easy!

3 tips to enhance your look!


Prep your lips.

 For any lipstick application we suggest prepping your lips with a scrub and lip balm. This will lip help apply effortlessly and last longer!


Use what you have.

I love to use Branch liner as a lip liner, brow and for contour! (please sanitize in btw) No one knows the difference!


Adjust the intensity!

Purple lipstick is universally flattering, so be afraid of bold colors. You can bloat down and use unbothered as a lip stain!